04 July 2012


I dedicate this blogpost to my students, lectures, workshops and colleagues at conferences January to July 2012.

Locations: Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; Cape Town, South Africa; Singapore, SG and Milan, Italy.

Celebration after architectural presentations on proposals for a major redevelopment of Flinders Street Train Station as a Public Private Partnership (thus the PPP Club).
Collaborator for the studio include industry leaders and specialists in areas of Government, construction, finance, planning and design.

with Richard Foster at the centre

with Vince D'Amico and Darrin Grimsey
with Richard Foster and myself assessing

 with Darrin Grimsey
with Ben Mobilio (student), Paul O'Connor, Leeanne Marshal and Drew Williamson
with the students
Q&A session
with Vince D'Amico

MILAN [June 2012]
Cities in Transformation: Research and Design.
International conference organised by the Schools of Architecture of Politecnico of Milano: (1) the Milano Leonardo campus which is in the historical part of the city ignagurated in 1927 and (2) Bovisa which arises on the site of the former industrial area Milano north.

"A" for architecture @ the Leonardo Campus.

with Johannes Karfestein

with Matteo Siciliani di Cumins

with Milica Muminovic and Guilherme Lassance


Intensive two week module in procuring innovative architecture and construction.

Singapore Institute of Management.
Lectures, workshops and student presentations.

International conference in Cape Town, South Africa.
Conseil International du Bâtiment (International Council for Building)
Themes on Construction and Facilities Management.

MELBOURNE: Building Systems Architecture
Lecture series to postgraduate Melbourne students
Visit to the PIXEL Building (awarded highest sustainability rating)  Melbourne.

with David Waldren

with Richard Stevenson


Politecnico di Milano at the Bovisa campus. Lecture to the PhD group:

Australian Institute of Architects National Conference 2012
Guest presenters included:

- Paul Finch
- Reachel Neeson
- Richard Kirk
- Katheryn Findlay
- Wang Shu
- Anuradha Mathur + Dilip da Cunha (of Soak)
- Peter Rich
- Kevin Carmody
- Iñaki Abalos + Renata Sentkiewicz
- Kjeth Thorsen of Snøhetta

Wang Shu and Glenn Mercutt at the discussion session:

Guillermo Aranda-Mena©2012

with Paulina