01 February 2013


A bunch of starkly juxtaposed images is my blgpost this month. The photographic sequencing highlights contrasting experiences of two locations which I visited at the start of 2013. Berlin's concrete jungle siting next to a camp named Tannalp at the hart of the Swiss alps.

Looking at my photos some antonyms that come to my mind in no particular order are:
open-close, concrete-snow, wihte-grey, in-out, soft-sharp, nature-man, going down-going up, fresh-old, flat-round, sharp-smooth, to roll-to slide, detach-enclose, afloat-sunken, urban-rural, dry-damp, sublime-mundane, reflect-absorb, bounce-trap, fishing-hunting, organic-cubic, timber-concrete, stone-glass, machine-manual, quiet-loud, clifft-wall, climb-slide, shadow-reflection, bird-plane... landscape-buildscape! 
... and so on and so forth....  a constant across all shots is of course, "a cold-winter"!



Guillermo Aranda-Mena © 2013

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  1. Anonymous31.1.13

    Hola Guillermo - and Carla, of course.

    I love your "juxtaposed" images. When experiencing particular buildings, we're often seduced by their aesthetic qualities at the expense of our other senses; the contrasting environmental context, for example. that's why you have a PhD and I don't, because you express your visual experiences so well. I think it's called Passion!
    Have a nice wintery break. When will you be back? By the way, congratulations on your professorial appointment. When did that happen?

    Half of Australia is burning and the other half (Queensland) is under water. Yet there are people who believe that it's cyclical rather than the prevailing global warming.

    Keep well,