21 October 2015


Hacking:  [Ha-King] gaining unauthorized access to data  in a system or personal computer

I finally managed to "hack" into my own blog. ... I was locked out for a few months.

I have been unable to access my blog since last May. We are now at the end of October and although snowed-under with end of semester, I have resolved to breaking back into my Guillermo-AM.blogspot....  so far so good, it looks like I will manage to publish this few words I am writing just now.

I recently received an email from one of my mates from London and my former neighbour at Bridges Hell... sorry, Hall at the University of Reading. Amongst his update and whereabouts,  John mentioned my blog... my unattended blog drifting in cyberspace!

Although I missed a few months of blog-posting still, I saved them into my local drive. The bad news (for you) is that I will be uploading them all - four months all at once!  Should I apologise? ... perhaps only if I manage to block the world-wide-web! (I have the suspicion that this will not happen).

So, what is left for October - perhaps applying the KISS principle... hopefully not too simple and not too stupid! We like being a little sophisticated.... perhaps including our "instru├žao de opera├žao" of how to reclaim a lost-and-found blog (ie. to keep ourselves above the bar), perhaps providing insights with tracing the sojourns of re-claiming a lost-blog.  Perhaps this also comes handy when recovering a lost property, home, real or virtual cyber-assets!

Yes,  perhaps we Keep October Short and Simple.... the KOSS principle! .... perhaps Ha-KOSS is the way to deal with life in October. After all, as far as I know a little laugh doesn't harm anyone... Ha, Ha, Ha!

Guillermo AM

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