07 February 2010

Re-inventing Vietnam

Vietnam is re-inventing "the wheel":

Vietnam is re-inventing "the kitchen":

Vietnam is re-inventing "food and water sources":

Vietnam is re-inventing "architecture":

Vietnam is re-inventing "religion":

Vietnam is re-inventing "well being":

Vietnam is re-inventing "beauty":

Vietnam is re-inventing "the future":

We are already into February and I still think this year of "2010" sounds so much like living in the future i.e. at the times of Neuromancer, Cyberspace or Matrix … not to mention the well over due 2001 Space Odysey!! … the fact is that this futuristic year is far from what I expected back in the 90’s at the end of the XX Century!

Interestingly enough I started the year in Vietnam learning from past and present, embedded in an ancient society which to my surprise has just too much to offer to our futures - keep in mind that such lessons are not in the form and shape of “spaceships”….

I have spent time in Hoi An doing sustainable design with my colleagues from architecture and RMIT students from Melbourne and Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) - we spent a great time designing a "real-life-project" engaging with the client, stakeholders, end-users and the local community. I also had time to visit natural and man-made wonders such as Sa Pa’s rice fields, Ha Long Bay water and cave wonders, Hanoi on two wheels, climbing Marble Mountain and exploring the bucolic spaces of My Son archaeological site.

Each of the above places is truly unique, beautiful and meaningful. They hold hundreds if not thousands of years of history, no wonder why Vietnamese people take so much pride in them and their historical heritage. Above all, Vietnam holds great lessons on human nature and the human condition to diversity, survival and sustainable development.

Thank you Vietnam – I think I can now cross the roads!



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  1. Leila koren8.2.10

    Excellent diary of the trip- you have quite an eye.