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Sometimes it is nice not to explain, not to read, not to... but just to seat and to enjoy. March blogpost displays a series of scenes I recently captured traveling through West Cape, South Africa. Images which can be traced to Cape Town and West Cape area including the wineries around Stellenbosch,  Franschooek townships, the coastal area east and west from Cape Town not to mention the sublime hills and curves along the Garden Route. Overall, covering nearly 3,000 kms of road and loose soil in dry, wet, hot, windy and fresh weather conditions. A strong climate in its own right - poignant on a motorbike! The adventure was certainly enticing to all senses in a truly 'road-movie' approach, in a style of the likes of Easy Rider, Lolita or Paris, Texas - no bookings, no fixed destination nor (asphyxiating) goals... but a marvelous whimsical interplay. 
Amongst some of the visited locations included national parks, fishing villages and townships such as: Kaapstad, Boschend…