Entrega al concurso de ideas OpenGap en colaboración con Emanuela de Santi (arquitecta) y Paulina Aranda-Mena (artista). Se buscó una propuesta innovadora en el concepto de espacios para despertar la inspiración de artistas en residencia.
El Art-Hostel esta diseñado como estructura temporal con elementos públicos permanentes tales como un anfiteatro natural y una banca circular meditativa flotando sobre el agua. El proyecto se propone en una ubicación única: Isla Marieta en Bahia de Banderas, parque natural en la costa oeste del pacifico mexicano, estado de Nayarit.
Símbolo: Lunas que alude a los elementos naturales enmarcados en una forma circular incluyendo: agua, aire y tierra. 
Concepto: Elementos del storey board incluyen:  Primera linea de izquierda a derecha, meditación bajo las estrellas, vistas al firmamento, caras de cuatro artistas vistas desde el cielo. La ballena como el elemento simbólico natural-migratorio de la zona (Bahia de Banderas)…

LA LINEA: mi cuaderno café 8'36"

A short art film of my brown sketchbook (duration 8'36")
On straight lines (after Georges Perec) “If I mend at this rate, it is not impossible...but I may arrive hereafter at the excellency of going even thus: _____________________________________________________ which is a line drawn as I could draw it by a writing-master’s ruler...

The right line, the path-way for Christians to walk in! Say Divines, - The emblem of moral rectitude! says Cicero, -  - The best line! say cabbage planters, - is the shortest line, says  Archimedes, which can be drawn from one given point to another.  (Lawrence Sterne, Tristram Shandy in Species of Spaces).
Also:  - The line as in the aesthetics of a human figure (esp. female figure) ie. ‘hay que cuidar la linea’. - Line of work ie. of whatever stuff an employee is expected to produce or come up with. Generally from Monday to Fridays from 9:00am to 5:00pm in the anglo world or 10:00to 21:00hrsin the Latin world or noon-ish to mid-night-ish in the …

From 2001: A Space Odyssey to Mad-Max, 2019

I am visiting my parents in the same house where I grew up. Browsing through some of my things I found a sketchbook, a present I received in December, 2000. Many of the drawings and sketches I created in it are dated early 2001, year of fond memories and certainly survived all the hype and non-sense of the year Y2K! If looking at the futuristic scenes of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, released before the moon landing) ... one can only look at it as an outdated film esp. as the future is no longer what it used to be! I simply feel that our lives have certainly taken no a space but a spatial odyssey! Somehow Kubrik's film still resonates in my mind, in particular "that open ending to interpretation" (way beyond any french's wildest dreams) and in particular that scene of the embryonic "Starchild" aperance just before the abrupt ending... it might have all been a de-ja vu of my own existence. ... if this is not enough, we are also celebrating “the…