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Architecture with a twistis what I experienced over the last few days. Standing on the border of architecture, industrial design and computer science. Designing the Dynamic was the theme of our studio hosted by Mark and Jane Burry. Hugh Whitehead Director of Foster+Partners was invited to Australia to be  our 'Capitan'!
Re-thinking the design of a sailboat was our mission - increasing speed our objective. For that we had to clearly understand the dynamics of sailing such as wind factors and all the variables around. Aspects of digital virtual simulation and analogue testing with physical models. We spent time in the lab, the pool and Phillip Bay, Melbourne for testing, validating and enjoying sailing. "...sailing is a natural-science, sailing is a social-science, sailing a  non-science but the experiential and emotional act of engaging with nature on a man-made artifice to take advantage to what is given to us - wind. Sailing is performance but also beauty, the crew and …