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FIJI: lessons on life...

...the universe and everything!
If you thought the answer to 'life, the universe and everything' is '42' well you are actually wrong. I'll tell you that you (and our fellow Douglas Adams) are totally nuts! The truth is looking more like '333' which is the odd number of Islands that form the Fijian Archipelago. So listen carefully my dear Capitan, if you find that your vessel is drifting and need directions just ask for Viti/Fiji, Yasawa Islands, Drawaka, Mamanuca ... or just simply head towards Melanesia in the 'Oceano Pacifico del Sur'. Travel to the past before you head into the future. Von Voyage. BULA!!! "We must remind ourselves of our human essence to sustain our present and direct our future". Guillermo Aranda-Mena

FIJI Study Tour 2009
- Mission: to adventure, travel, learning, saling the South Pacific - Vity Levu and the Yasawa Islands [11 to 23 August 2009]. - Vassel: Square rigged topsail schooner. Lenght: 108Ft (33mts) Tonnage:99.64 - …