04 May 2010


I am a little concerned. It is now over a year since I haven't enter a run competition. Running has been a constant in my life since the early 90's and my first event took place on the 1st of May 1993 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since then I have done 3 full marathons (Guadalajara, Seville and Nottingham) and countless half-marathons and other running events most of them in Europe (1996-2003). Nowadays, in Australia, my yearly event has come down to 13kms, which is a cross-country run at the Melbourne Dandenongs hills against a mining steam train which usually takes place on May... I am a little concerned because it is the second time I miss it and I wonder if I am loosing my competitive appetite.

Above: Guillermo completing the 1998 'Robin Hood Marathon' Sherwood Forest, Nottingham. Photo by Tim and Willy Sher.


On 10 May, 1993 I enjoyed the taste of victory - for first and only time - in the sports scene. I never won any other sport event since but it was crucial to set me for 3 full marathons (42.195 kms. each) and many runs and life-long journeys. I then realised I was a man for the long haul and literally did "run away" from the meaningless "rat race" we sometimes surrender to. That first competition took place around around the golf club I grew up in (Rancho Contento, Guadalajara, Mexico). I went for about 9kms. I can't recall my time, nor for any of the other marathons, 1/2 marathons and runs I have done over the last 17 years or so. Not that I give a sh*t!

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