05 September 2010


[de]CONSTRUCTING GAM is a brief and random visual reflection of things and objects which called my attention at some point my life. There is only a loose chronological order with no specific selection logic for the chosen images (nor is the object[ive] of this post) but rather a bunch of flashbacks. Perhaps some patterns emerge as orderly .... but that was pure chance!

Deconstructing GAM includes disassembled toys, games or even images of parts of me and my past. No real particular reason but de-constricting GAM bit by bit. Mexico's puzzle is perhaps the only image that needs to be there - at the beginning - as it represents my initial coordinates on planet earth. Place were I was born and early years leading to my adolescence including México City (7 yrs), San Luis Potosí (3 yrs) and Guadalajara (12 yrs). I also spent summers or extended periods of time in the cities such as Cancún, Mazatlán, Tepic, Mexicali, Billings, Mt. and Vancouver, Ca. In January 1996 at the age of 22 I moved to Europe to continue my architectural studies at La Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.... never to return to live in México but to continue a journey of learning, reflection and world exploration.

My here stated proposition is that you can only make steady steps by reflecting on "silly" past incidents, possessions (eventful enough only to remember - but nothing more). I like to think about the term "de-constructing".... perhaps as an opportunity we can create in order to groove a new path. It is by breaking, introspecting, failing, exploring, undoing, quitting, dissecting, dismantling, reinventing, reflecting... and starting all over again before things start making some sort of sense .... like my good-old-mate Sysiphus does!


[above three images works by: Peter Davies and Mari Funaki exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria]

Copyright 2010 © Guillermo Aranda-Mena