01 November 2010


There is no switch-off! It is like a disease. I know I need to stop but I can't. Some are clever ideas, others... quite stupid! They keep crossing my mind. Why is that? I ask myself. Why on earth I need to reinvent everything? Reinventing the wheel, reinventing the chair, reinventing chop stick, reinventing every frinking useless object that crosses my sight and I always start tinkering with this thought of 'uselessness' - THE breakthrough to grandiosity never arrives. It is sisyphist attempt to get somewhere, indulging myself, spending time, the time that no one can afford. Yet, I am here.

In recent times I have been tinkering with a handful of design ideas. One idea is not enough, too many of them is just about right! I am greedy when it comes to collecting ideas ... then I don't know what the heck to do with them. Too many is never enough - and yet, they all end in a vacuum! A black hole, a void, a vacuum, yes, a vacuum of ideas... cueing to exist. Some will.

Talking about vacuums, I sort of admire (with certain level of scorn and disdain) fellows such as James Dyson, a man who was frustrated with vacuum cleaners loosing their suction as bags got clogged! "Lets get rid this frikin bag" he probably thought and EUREKA! Well, it sounds so simple but it is NOT. The first idea has to be great but those that follow must be even better... the pragmatics, the mechanics, the aesthetics, the environmental, the supply chain, the brand, the cost vs. value... and even the color! Eventually, you then end up with a gadget of desire! a gadget that the average 'bogan' wants to buy.

In my world view the ultimate ideas is 'architecture' .... one day it will happen. Few design competitions don't suffice my desire to create an artifact where to walk through and experience life itself. That is architecture.... but it tends to be a little more complicated than vacuum cleaners in my view... the sort of messing around with "constructing" buildings goes beyond clogged bags, dust and suction....or perhaps, after all, they both relate. Yes, I think they relate but it is just a matter of scale. Certainly the construction industry creates a massive amount of 'dust', it has countless 'clogged' pipes for building and planning approvals and even a fair amount 'suction' across its CEOs and middle managers.... off track again, lets get back to the tinkering of ideas.

Here is an idea for you:

Tomorrow Sunday, 7 November 2010 I embark on a long trip with stop overs in Singapore, Rome, Venice, Delft, Prague, Zurich and Lugano before I fly back, to Singapore and Hoi An. All part of one of this tinkering exercises which includes a number of activities like giving lectures, architecture studios, exhibitions, conferences, photography, sketching.... and galavanting around and across the Swiss Alps.

Here is what is happening:

  • Exhibition: Singapore [9.Nov.2010]
  • Sketching: Rome [11-16.Nov.2010]
  • Conference: Venezia Bienale di Archittetura [17-19 Nov.2010]
  • Architecture studio: Delft [28Nov -20 Dec.2010]
  • Portraits of: Prague [21-28 Dec.2010]
  • Galavanting Swiss architecture [28Dec-10Jan.2011]
  • Lecture: Singapore [11-27Jan.2011]
  • Architecture studio: Hoi An, Vietnam [9-24 Feb.2011]

I tinker with ideas... and keep thinking "should I stay or shall I go" ? It is never easy either way but at least I have engaged with the world like no one before!


... be continued throughout the next couple of months. Stay in tune.

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