01 June 2012


...see you soon!
Architecture and Research

From Milan to Tuscany:

Guillermo Aranda-Mena © 2012


  1. a ludic & spontaneous 'a presto'

    Buen y feliz viaje

  2. Anonymous30.6.12

    Hi again Dr.GAM,

    Thanks for sending your Blog for Italy. Some great photos and I love your brilliant sketches - they convey wonderful images.
    I am reminded of the beautiful sights in Tuscany. I stayed at Ville de Col D'Alba, a hilltop village near Siena, that actually has an outdoor lift to get from base to top, inside the mountain. As you can imagine, I made much use of it. Did you go there? I only had a couple of hours in Siena sadly, and did not get to see much of it - not the easiest place to get around. But I did get to see a fair bit of San Gimigniano, which is pretty special, despite wall to wall tourists. I was very lucky that a friend from the conference drove me around.

    Looks like you hired a Fiat 500 Bambino - I bet it was fun buzzing around the countryside in it. Great stuff!

    I look forward to your return to Melbourne in the depths of Winter! It will be a bit of a shock to you, after zapping around the sunny Tuscany countryside.

    Hasta Pronto,

  3. Anonymous5.7.12

    Oh, Guillermissimo, che belle le foto del tuo post di giugno! You made my day.

    Those of Milano are so very special! I think they are really great. If you see the world like that, no wonder it is such a pleasure to discover it together with you. I look forward to more (pictures and travels together).


    PS: Only one thing: Italia is feminine (of course, it's so nice, curvaceous and emotional), therefore bravA Italia ;-)

  4. Anonymous5.7.12

    Hello Guillermo the Great,
    Many thanks for the pictures. It looks as if you must have had a totally awful time…Welcome back to winter!
    All good with me – I will be there next week, on Thursday morning, to see Kath about her PhD, so might see you then if you are in.

  5. Anonymous6.7.12

    Hola G,

    Your lovely postcard arrived a couple of days ago. I saw Luca yesterday morning - he had just arrived from Rome earlier -. he also told me that you missed one another in Milan. I'm glad to know that you were able to spend time with Carla. You mentioned in your card that Italy is a good place for architects. Are you toying with the idea of eventually living there? I look forward to our chat sometime next week. Good to know that you're safe and well.....and of course, missing Carla (!).


    PS Love your blog. Did you visit Politechnico di Milano as well? Remember that Celeste - my youngest daughter - spent a semester last year doing Graphic Design at the same place. Also your images of Sienna/ San Gimigniano brings back very fond memories.