03 August 2012



The work of the Mexican architect Pedro Ramirez Vasquez for the Olympics in Mexico 1968 encompassed from the olympic village down to the font and branding. The identity of the line patterns seen above goes back to the patters and colours used by the indigenous people of the western Mexican state named Nayarit. Such patters have also attracted cartographers and graphic designers in "figure ground". 

Well done México - gold in football at the London Olympics 2012. Other sports seem just to be irrelevant to your nature... OK, besides the Acapulco divers! 

Above left: My first public run - Guadalajara, Mexico 1993
Above right: My last full marathon - Nottingham, England 1998 

Guillermo Aranda-Mena©2012


  1. Anonymous6.8.12

    Hi Guillermo, thanks for your mail. Beautiful art by the way: I love the "Tribute to HCB" image, but the others are great, too.
    Best, Sibi

    Sebastian Arackal M.A., Journalist
    Mail: sibi.arackal@gmx.de

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    Von: Guillermo Aranda-Mena
    Gesendet: 03.08.12 23:37 Uhr

  2. Anonymous6.8.12

    Aló Tetuán:
    Nos estuvimos viendo todos tus "sketches" y muchos de ellos son tan buenos que más bien parecen cuadros terminados. No se, pero me dan la impresión de que utilizas acuarela o algún plumón que da ese efecto. Muchos son bien surrealistas y otros al estilo de Joan Miró y de Kandisky. Otros me dan la impresión de Giorgio de Chirico, los que tienen edificios de perspectiva estilizada. Yo creo que una exposición mixta con lo tuyo y de Maco puede ser muy exitosa.

    Saludines y seguimos en comunicación. BXXKGAAA-M- MMXII.

  3. To see such prolific, expressive and creative work is to travel in time from when Guillermo was a child to the present day.
    He has always been a relentless creative mind ready to sketch, draw, paint, build maquettes; which is just fantastic!

    So on the occassion of your Birthday all the medals for you Brother!