01 February 2013


A bunch of starkly juxtaposed images is my blgpost this month. The photographic sequencing highlights contrasting experiences of two locations which I visited at the start of 2013. Berlin's concrete jungle siting next to a camp named Tannalp at the hart of the Swiss alps.

Looking at my photos some antonyms that come to my mind in no particular order are:
open-close, concrete-snow, wihte-grey, in-out, soft-sharp, nature-man, going down-going up, fresh-old, flat-round, sharp-smooth, to roll-to slide, detach-enclose, afloat-sunken, urban-rural, dry-damp, sublime-mundane, reflect-absorb, bounce-trap, fishing-hunting, organic-cubic, timber-concrete, stone-glass, machine-manual, quiet-loud, clifft-wall, climb-slide, shadow-reflection, bird-plane... landscape-buildscape! 
... and so on and so forth....  a constant across all shots is of course, "a cold-winter"!



Guillermo Aranda-Mena © 2013