06 June 2013


The month of youth is here. Already June 5 and I have not been able to come up with a blogpost worth a cent or two.

I thought of a title for June such as Collage, Cityscape, Buildscape... but I think I'll leave those for later on and for the time being just mumble to myself on how much I have been enjoying Milano over the month and a bit I have been here.

No other thing to report other than I got a couple of major events coming up in mid-June and late-June. Amongst other things I am hosting an international conference at the Politecnico di Milano to which I am the Co-Chair, Editor and Creative Director. For late June I am hosting an art exhibition with Hanka, my business partner,  who also happens to be my sister. Some interesting developments might pan-out from our Milanese incursions! http://hankagoesforawalk.blogspot.it/

Milano is a just great city, very old, trendsetting,  civilised, very chaotic,  rational, passionate, emotional and temperamental, also tidy, dirty, rough, graffitesque... and very chic indeed, but above all, very LATIN.

As for me, it has been a busy time and other than weekends there has been little or no time for leisure... OK, the occasional happy-hour aperitif or as here referred, "aperol" (not to confuse with aperol spritz! There has also been a lot of foot exploration and scouting and I will be uploading some of my better shots at a later stage in June..... or perhaps I will stick to a text narrative.... in any case, do stay in tune as I will come back to this June post - just as I am able to find a window!



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  1. Anonymous7.6.13

    Dear Guillermo
    Thank you for your message - and the impressive Photo that is a kaleidoscope of many
    centuries. I also love these 3-D puzzles you are working on . . .

    I hope to see you in Milano sometime later this year!

    Best regards