01 November 2013


3D printing has filtrated to the mass consumer domain. Architects and designers will be increasingly exploiting the advantages of such handy tool to have. Medium and small architectural practices continue unlocking the full potential of 3D printing for fleshing out ideas but also to have a faster production if in what is to become "the end product".

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3D Printing columns whit Thila Theus Architects in Zurich.
Link to process video: 3D PRINT

3D light prints: Lamps at the Museum for Gestalt√ľng, Zurich.

3D music prints: a vinyl at the Milano furniture fair 2013!
3D process prints: stair fabrication in Basel, CH.

3D chair prints: digitally drawn on the air (as a cloud-point in 3D space) and sent to print.

3D construction prints: scale 1:1

Guillermo Aranda-Mena©2013

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