05 July 2016


Digital crafting, perhaps an oxymoron. Perhaps a new dimension in the age of the 4.0 revolution.  We, the human species, are rapidly moving into a new living reality, in which a continuum between reality and virtuality... augmented reality and simplified virtuality is a constant.

With the promise of improving quality of life and liveability form providing civic spaces from leisure to increasing a sense of public safety and prosperity, a new society in tune with technology which is to better our lives. Work-life balance is seen as the imposible dichotomy which might find a better fit under Jeremy Rifkin's Zero Marginal Cost society.

Mankind has traveled from hand-craft, to tool-craft, to machine-craft to mind-craft,  todays digital- craft is rapidly evolving... perhaps into a data-craft in which the challenge is on harvesting the data rather than mining it... mind the gap!  Watch this space.

Guillermo Aranda-Mena
Hong-Kong - 5th, July, 2016

Guillermo Aranda-Mena©2016