01 October 2016


BELL SHAPE: The Built-Environment Learning Laboratory is the first of RMIT's SHAPE electives initiative in which students and academics directly engage with planning and architectural interventions in Melbourne's Central Business District. Studio partners include the City of Melbourne, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority and private sector sponsors. The studio is truly collaborative across built-environment disciplines including planning, architecture, landscape architecture, construction management and civil engineering. The studio engages with social and economic infrastructure projects, such as planning and designing a new station for Melbourne Metro CBD North. The studio integrates tools, technologies and Cloud-based BIM services.

Teaching Team
Planning: Ian Woodcock
Architecture: Guillermo Aranda-Mena
Landscape: Karolina Bartkowicz
Civil Engineering: Ron Wakefield

Supper-imposing Koolhas in Melbourne CBD

Guillermo Aranda-Mena©2016

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