01 December 2016


“If buildings could talk, what would they say about us?” In 1973 the 'Sydney Opera House' (SOH) opened its doors to the public. This lecture revisits a landmark that in 2007 earned its addition to the UNESCO World Heritage list. A decade on the making and over 40 years of operations is the backdrop to discuss social and technological transformations. This lecture is inspired by ‘Cathedrals of Culture’, a six part collection of films premiered at the 2014 International Berlin Film Festival. The SOH will be the catalyst to firstly reflect on the building’s life-cycle and to then provide an outlook of our changing world and implications to the architecture profession.
Do join my open lecture at Politecnico di 
When: Monday, December the 5th at 2:30.
Venue: Rogers Room (after Ernesto Rogers, who was a prominent Milanese architect, cousin of Richard Rogers' father, William Nino Rogers).
Leonardo Campus, PoliMI,  I T A L I A


Guillermo Aranda-Mena © 2016

Dr Guillermo Aranda-Mena is an Associate Professor at RMIT University, Melbourne and a Visiting Architecture Professor at Politecnico di Milano. Guillermo is Co-founder of MelBIM, the largest Building Information Modelling professional group in Australia and Regional Editor - Australasia – for Facilities by Emerald Academic Publishers. Guillermo has spent extensive periods of time living and working in architecture, research and education in Europe, the Americas, Asia and since 2003, Australia.

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  1. Anonymous7.12.16

    Dear Guillermo,
    It was really a pleasure for me to meet you. Your lecture was very rich and interesting. You’ll find here attached my introduction (sorry for my english…).
    And I’m sure we are going to meet very soon in Mantua (maybe with tortelli di zucca and lambrusco!)
    a presto,
    Politecnico di Milano