02 November 2016



The Timelessness of ‘Forever Better’


Guillermo Aranda-Mena

Image 1: Imagine yourself at the beginning of time when mankind was about to invent his first tool; a simple tool to survive, prepare, eat... Imagine yourself when fire was discovered and the first dishes prepared - the first simple hearths - the precursors to the Miele ideal.

Image 2: Fast forward and imagine a time when agriculture provided means to end the nomadic lifestyle and to set up a place that was the home, and at the centre the family hearth - the stove, the kitchen - Miele.

Image 3: Imagine now The Renaissance, where in the true sense of ‘Forever Better’ the kitchen continues to grow, where in castles the 14 course wedding banquet was pivotal in cementing an alliance between a ruling family in a yet to be united Italy and a monarchy in Spain or France. Here are the first commercial kitchens where the ideals of efficiency, performance, design and service - Miele ideals, were to be put to the test.

Image 4: Now again come back to basics but expand it too. Miele is a global brand and a brand for all. Miele isn’t just the glamour of the grand feast, but more importantly, the comfort of home, preparation and enjoyment of food together. Friends and family creating memories in the smallest towns to the mega cities - again relying on the Miele ideals - durability, ease of use - the timelessness of food, preparation and nourishment.

Image 5: Now imagine the future, a time of space travel and intergalactic business alliances. It is the year 2042, MIELE has been at the core of basic human needs such as eating, drinking and health. MIELE’S mission continues with its vision for long-term thinking and planning “IMMER BESSER” and Miele continues maintaining the standard for durability, performance, ease of use, energy and efficiency, design and service.

Guillermo Aranda-Mena©2016


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