10 July 2017


URBITAS refers to a collage of some of my favourite cities. If looking at the below traced image from top-right moving clockwise you could identify: Milano, Mantova, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Manhattan, Guadalajara, México City, Zurich (centre left) and Melbourne (centre right). The collage was drawn and then painted over canvas (acrylic) depicting a megalopolis of my ideal city.  ... conversations (versus) NATURA refers to trees that I recently observed and engaged with in locations such as St Kilda and Phillip Island, Australia; Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. The selected three on canvas (oil-pens) is in Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia and it is observation into nature and reflective exercise to "detox" from city life. The result is inconclusive.... and that is an important aspect of it. For the transition between UBITAS and NATURA I selected an image of a boutique shop I recently visited in Hong Kong. The work is organic yet set in the city with highest living density on earth which itself articulates the juxtaposition presented in this post. The last image is of a local public library in Macao which I accidentally stumbled upon. I was most impressed by build without disturbing the trajectory of robust tree branches.        

Guillermo Aranda-Mena@2017

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