04 July 2010

RedDot Republic

SINGAPORE is a vertical city. If you suffer of vertigo is better to stay at home. For singaporeans everyday life happens at heights! (and to my surprise more and more often is also expanding underground and into the sea). Singapore's cityscape is truly a man-made one. Singapore is a knowledge base economy scarce of land and natural resources but rich and resourceful in ideas and innovation for survival.

The island is a safe and well located - mostly flat - plot of land natural and reclaimed to the sea which provides a 'piece of mind' to banks, businesses and global corporations wanting to base their HQ or branch offices in South East Asia. Singapura meaning the mythological figure of a Sea Lion seems a sensible place and predictable location. Trustworthy and easiness for doing business [inc. effective Internet systems] is a constant that draws foreigns into it.

Why the ReDot Republic? A "little red dot" is certainly all you can see if you are looking for Singapore on the world-map. Still, the little red dot is a city, a state and a country of 647 sq km at the tip of the Malay peninsula.

Over the last 30 years Singapore has transformed its economy (and pretty much its existence) from a dirty shabby town into a first world state. A truly remarkable achievement... at the cost of strict discipline and government measures over the years... skeptics argue that progress costed the "Sea Lion" its soul!

I have an ongoing relation with the RedDot Republic since 2005. This blogpost is a random selection of images of Singapore's cityscape at different scales. It is more concern at picturing patterns where readers/visitors can "connect the [red] dots" !

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Esplanade: visiting and local artists views on current Singapore identity.

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